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We help companies find top banking technology talent, and we connect candidates with companies we know are hiring.

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Financial Technology Recruiting, Ltd.

Financial Technology Recruiting Ltd. is a nationwide Executive Search and Recruiting firm dedicated to placing top performers with their next opportunity in the Banking Technology Sector.

Our goal is to provide a simple and effective process to facilitate the best hire matches in Banking Technology. If you provide software, hardware or services to banks and credit unions, we want to talk to you

What We Offer

We help companies find top industry talent, and we connect candidates with companies we know are hiring.


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The Process

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There’s a job waiting for you to discover.


There’s a job waiting for you to discover!

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Why People Choose Us

Financial Technology Recruiting Ltd. was established as a central resource for companies and candidates who specialize in providing technology solutions to support banks and credit unions. With our customized recruiting process, we help companies build teams that go on to leverage the strongest talent in the industry.
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Access the most sought-after opportunities in Banking Technology as soon as they are posted.

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We make finding the right match simple and seamless for candidates and clients.

Great Companies

Samantha has relationships with the best names in the industry.

Easy Application Process

Our goal is to provide a simple and effective process to help you with your search.  We’re continuing to build our reputation of being the firm to turn to when it’s time to hire or make a career change.

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What clients say?

"Samantha is exceptional - a cut above. I have worked with her on different levels over the past several years. Focused on the needs of both clients and candidates, Samantha relentlessly pursues the perfect match. Aggressive, but in a very professional manner, Samantha delivers. One can't go wrong by engaging Samantha in a search...I highly recommend her!"
"Samantha’s approach to recruiting is more effective than what I have seen by other recruiters resulting in quality, well matched candidates. She selects carefully the appropriate candidates by also thoroughly analyzing the opportunity before presenting the potential hire. Samantha is consistently reliable and follows through when she says she will. I have worked with Samantha for over seven years, and will continue to do so, as she is always a pleasure to work with"
"Samantha is the epitome of professionalism and courtesy. She understands how to bring companies the right talent, experience and fit -and she does this better than anyone else. Her goals are to truly understand the needs of her clients - and to understand the unique capabilities of the personnel she finds in the marketplace. The delicate balance of bringing both together is an art that she has mastered. Samantha is thorough, detailed and exhibits exemplary customer service - and I recommend her services to all organizations looking to expand their pool of talent"
"Samantha is simply quite good at what she does. I've had the pleasure of working with some sharp individuals brought to us through her diligent placement. She is a careful listener who consistently finds that "good fit." Should you have an opportunity to work with her, I highly recommend it."
"I highly recommend Samantha. I felt like she equally represented me as she did the company she introduced to me. She is very well known and respected in the financial services technology space"
"Samantha has, over the course of our relationship, referred several quality positions to me and has used her exceptional networking skills to assist other colleagues of mine. Her professionalism and keen skills of bringing suitable opportunities to the table make her stand out in her industry."

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