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At FTR, we specialize in pairing Banking Technology companies with top recruits from the industry. Focusing on this niche allows us to stay ahead of who’s who in the industry.

Whether you are a startup or a larger company, if you are in the business of selling technology solutions to banks and credit unions and you need a position filled, FTR can help. Our simple and effective process facilitates the best hiring matches in Banking Technology.

As your recruiting partner, we work with you to define your ideal candidate profile. Starting with a quick discovery phase, we ask questions that help us understand the unique objectives of your company. This important step allows us to approach candidates as an extension your company and the values you represent. Time and again, our process has helped us secure hires that are also excellent matches to our clients’ organizational cultures.

Areas of expertise

Positions FTR has filled​:

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Search Options

Choosing the search option that is right for you is critical.
We offer two search options:

Priority Search

When you have a critical hire, Priority Search is your best option. With a Priority Search, all focus, expertise and energy is placed on your need and is given complete attention until the position is filled. It is our top recruiting priority. All candidates are recruited exclusively for your search and not shared with other companies until the position is filled or the candidates are released from consideration. In this type of search, the client works exclusively with FTR and pays a deposit to engage the search. The remaining fee is due when the hire is made. This search offers a reduced fee at 22% of the base salary.

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Contingency Search

Contingency search is used by companies for different reasons. No fees are paid up front, only when a candidate presented by FTR is ultimately hired. The fee for this search is 25% of the base salary.

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